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Appleton, WI, us
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Fan of all (and only) Wisconsin pro & college sports teams, but lived in S FL since age 10, graduating in engineering in '96 from FAU. Co-founded Yupi.com (largest spanish web portal) in '96 while working for Siemens, helped turnaround some companies as a consultant, got married to a woman from Appleton, and returned to Wisconsin where I founded LoanSifter. Used to be a staunch conservative Republican, but have come to believe their interests don't represent mine, in spite of their stated agenda being somewhat of a match. Have become increasingly non-political and pro-biblical in recent years, and thank God for the doors He continues to open and opportunities He continues to provide for me. All praise and thanks to God! In addition to following the Badgers, I do a lot of research on the occult and conspiracy theory.

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computer programmer

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